Water is our most valuable resource...
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Using innovative technologies, the company seeks to create value by developing enhanced treatment and better water efficiency.

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As a small public company,
(OTC Pink: GWTR) new opportunities in water technology provide a way to invest in the world's most precious resource.

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Global Water Technologies works with strategic partners to identify, develop and deliver innovative solutions.

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Global Water Technologies, Inc.
351 W. 10th Street #537
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202
Phone: (317) 452-4488
Email: info@gwtr.com

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OTC Markets: GWTR

NewsMarch 4, 2015

Global Water Technologies participates in industry events.

NewsJanuary 29, 2015

Global Water Technologies renews on-site sulfuric acid patent.

NewsDecember 30, 2014

Global Water Technologies signs MOU with company in Israel.

NewsDecember 27, 2014

Global Water Technologies releases annual shareholder letter.

NewsDecember 20, 2014

Indiana sees economic oopportunities in water innovation.

NewsMarch 31, 2014

Global Water Technologies sees growing interest in water efficiency tools.

NewsMarch 5, 2014

Global Water Technologies notes Hong Kong trenchless technology event.

NewsMarch 3, 2014

Global Water Technologies welcomes Indianapolis Water Technology Roundtable.

NewsFebruary 24, 2014

Global Water Technologies engages larger accounting firm.

NewsDecember 31, 2013

Global Water Technologies releases shareholder letter with 2014 plans.

NewsNovember 26, 2013

Global Water Technologies featured at WaterVent in Dubai (video).

Global Water Technologies

NewsNovember 20, 2013

Global Water Technologies supports new report on water infrastrucure.

Global Water Technologies, Inc.

Smart water solutions for Indianapolis

Water is becoming an increasingly more valuable resource. While there is plenty of water on the earth, there are often shortages of fresh, clean water in the places where it is most needed.

And such water is often wasted or misused, resulting in expensive treatment solutions or even more costly outages... for water is vital to life and business and it has no replacement.

Understanding how we can better manage water resources is an area where new technologies can play an exciting role. Unlike the computing, telecommunications and energy grids, water infrastructure has not yet benefited from many of the latest advances in technology. But that is starting to change.

Global Water Technologies, Inc. (OTC Pink: GWTR) is a small, clean technology water treatment and services company providing innovative non-chemical and filtration technologies for process cooling water and other uses. The company also seeks to identify, develop and commercialize proprietary new technologies to increase water and energy efficiencies.

Thank you for your interest in our business. Please explore the pages on our web site for more information about the company, its history and recent news and events. Feel free to contact us for more information and to suggest new business development opportunities.

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Global Water Technologies, Inc. | 351 W. 10th St. #537 | Indianapolis, Indiana 46202 | Phone: 317-452-4488 | Fax: 317-452-4489 | Email: info@gwtr.com